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16 December 2006 @ 09:58 pm
celebrate life  
last thursday, i made my way to the national cancer society of malaysia in the city centre. what was supposed to be a simple presentation of a cheque turned out to be an eye opener for me.

for a long time, i have been complaining about insignificant matters with exaggerated severity and constantly wishing that there was more to life.

and i failed to realise how blessed i was am to even have a life when there are so many others fighting to keep theirs, no matter how miserable they might have been.

i was too caught up with minor bumps and holes in the road till i forgot to smell the flowers lined along it.
and i forgot to give credit to the people who made life bearable when things were going downhill.

and perhaps it is time i learned that there is more to life than looking at things half empty. for i am more fortunate than many others, especially those in battle with cancer.

thank you

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